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lasse stefanz

Contestant in the Swedish Eurovision qualifications.

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melody club

Contestant in the Swedish Eurovision qualifications.

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Numancia played a match against FC Barcelona Atletic and lost 4-6.

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People are watching new Dutch sitcom 'Iedereen is gek op Jack' (based on Everybody loves Raymond).

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penny smith

Penny Smith is an English television presenter and newsreader.

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75 days in Twitter's trending topics. I'll just let that sink in. 75 days! It's all about Aiden Grimshaw and his incredible talent (and a little about his body. Thanks GT!).

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Melodifestivalen[a] (English pronunciation: /mldifstvln/, "The Melody Festival"[b]) is an annual music competition organised by Swedish public broadcasters Sveriges Television (SVT) and Sveriges Radio (SR). It determines the country's representative for the Eurovision Song Contest, and has been staged almost every year since 1959. Since 2000, the competition has been the most popular television programme in Sweden

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Erik Saade is a swedish songer. Just won one of the trials for #mel2011.

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Apparently, Vampire Diaries fans are missing the couple Damon and Elena.

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eric saade

Eric Saade won Melodifestivalen 2011, the Swedish selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011.

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