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leadership summit

Started by @billhybels hosted at Willow Creek Community Church the @wcgls is a worldwide christian based leadership conference hosted at thousands of sites around the world.

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Indonesian Television channel. Being trending because of shouting the 'Blokir Blackberry'.

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Both coasts & the Midwest have been dealing with extremely high temperature & humidity.

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TwitPict is an app for TwitPic and allows users to take a picture and upload it on Twitter. It is not spelled Twitpict though.

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short bus shawty

Legendary St. Louis Underground Rapper J-Biggs points out youtube video of Soulja Boy Waka Flacka Gucci and OJ da Juiceman.

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Please mark these random "weather" Twitter accounts as spam.

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Indonesian TV show on @metrotv.

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People comparing celebrities to cartoon characters.

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robbie williams

Robbie Williams is an English singer-songwriter, vocal coach and occasional actor.

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Fulang Humah Capeeeek!

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