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lei maria

Monique Evans mistook Lei Maria da Penha (Law that prohibits violence against women) with Lei Maria da Graa.

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monique evans

Monique Evans is a Brazilian former model very famous in the '80s. She is participating on the Reallity Show "A Fazenda" (The Farm).

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Brazil's Men Volleyball Coach. Brazil's just conquered his third World Championship in Volleybal this Sunday.

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bruna rocha

She's a young singer who participates on Raul Gil's tv show. Check 'Jovens Talentos' trending topic.

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The term (meaning "thousand-faced Serra") was used by Dilma, presidential candidate of Brazil, the debate on television station Band, referring to the alledged lack of coherence in her opponent's acts and speeches.

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Miley Cyrus has recorded a video singing "A festa no Brasil" instead of her song "a party in the USA."(Recorded by @jessiejofficial ) They're really happy about that, they think it means she will go there on a tour or something.

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"Tremor" can be a way to define a earthquake in Portuguese. People are talking about the two earthquake that happened today in Brazil and yesterday in Indonesia.

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matou saulo

Saulo is a character in a brazilian soap opera. He was murdered, but there are many suspects. Who did kill Saulo?.

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Crio de Nazar in Belm Brazil is one of the largest and most popular annual religious processions in the world. In 2008, the event attracted more than two million people. Thats one third the number expected to show up to Oktoberfest.

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bobocas balbuciando

Brazilians are enjoying a phrase said in the dubbed version of Harry Potter 4 movie, which is being shown on an open TV channel for the first time in the country.

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