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Lexie Grey is making some bad choices on tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy.

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She broke up with Arizona! End of story!

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93.3 FLZ is a radio station that Lady Gaga fans were following on Twitter and listening for the debut of Gaga's new single, 'Born This Way'.

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Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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charles widmore

Charles Widmore was named dropped on 30 Rock as one of several celebrities who own their own island. Charles Widmore is a character from Lost.

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aaron afflalo

Afflalo hit the game winner against the Mavericks tonight.

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TommyJoe is Tommy Joe Ratliff, musician and bass player for Adam Lambert. One of his band mates posted a pic of Tommy playing a guitar, rather than a bass. Twitter craziness ensued.

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sara ramirez

Grey's Anatomy costar Sara Ramirez will get to display her extra-medical talents both on the small screen and off, with a featured segment on the show's March 31 musical event episode.

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