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lily marinho

Lily Marinho, the widow of Roberto Marinho - TV mogul in Brazil - passed away today.

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dona lily marinho

Lily Marinho, the widow of Roberto Marinho - TV mogul in Brazil - passed away today.

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john herbert

Brazilian actor that died today with 81 years old. He was admitted to the Heart Hospital since Jan. 5, after presenting respiratory failure.

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marcela temer

Marcela Temer is just-inaugurated Brazilian Vice-President Michel Temer's wife. Tweeters are commenting on Marcela's beauty and outfit and on the difference of age between her (27 years old) and her husband (70 years old).

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belas artes

EN: Cinema Belas Artes activities must end by February. PT:Cinema Belas Artes deve encerrar atividades at fevereiro.

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humorista shaolin

Brazilian comedian 'Shaolin' (Francisco Josenilton Veloso) has been involved in a serious road accident.

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val baiano

Val Baiano is a Brazilian footballer. He resigned his contract with CR Flamengo today.

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fat family

Singer Sydney Cyprian of The Group "Fat Family" dies with 45.

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luca toni

Luca Toni is an Italian football player who has been signed to Juventus in Turin, Italy.

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Bank PanAmericano of the Brazilian entrepreneur Silvio Santos, was sold for 450 million reais (U$268 million) to the bank BTG Pactual.

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