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lionel andres messi

Lionel Messi has 24th birthday today.

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born every minute

One Born Every Minute is a Channel 4 series which shows real life in a maternity ward. It is a fly-on-the-wall look at childbirth.

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One Born Every Minute provides insights into the realities of birth - the One Born Every Minute TV series is on Channel 4 (Mondays at 9pm).

Similar Topics: born every minute, lionel andres messi, elena walsh, more topics...

elena walsh

Maria Elena Walsh, an Argentine writer, poet and singer who entertained generations of children with whimsical songs and books, died Monday.

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beth gouveia

Beth Gouviea it's a character of the novel Passione (transmitted by Rede Globo), interpreted by the actress Fernanda Montenegro.

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toni ramos

Tony Ramos is a Brazilian actor who plays "Tot" on the prime time soap-opera "Passione", in Brazil.

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daniel boaventura

Diogo (Daniel Bonaventure), which is actually a police officer, assumed his true identity to Toto (Tony Ramos).

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leandro guerreiro

Leandro Guerreiro foi contratado pelo Cruzeiro para a temporada de 2011.

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elijah wood

Elijah Wood, actor. Will appear as Frodo in the upcoming film "The Hobbit". In Tolkien's story, he's not a character, but Peter Jackson adapted the story so Frodo will be the storyteller of Bilbo's adventures. Cate Blanchett will also appear as Galadriel again, with another adaptation, since Tolkien claim that Galadriel is the most beautiful woman in Middle Earth, Cate Blanchett is NOT.

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jar jar

jar jar is an alien from star wars ele parece um sapo zuado pra carai.

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