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luan santana eternamente vesgo

"Luan Santana eternally cross-eyed". Brazilian country singer Luan Santana has been on the TTs recently because of his annoying silly fans. Now, his annoying silly haters wanna share with the world the fact that he's strabic.

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luan santana eternamente

Portuguese for "Eternally Luan Santana". Fans of the brazilian singer Luan Santana are spreading their love.

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It's Portuguese, in English it means "Lying in 4 words."

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santana causando inveja

Portuguese for "Santana making others jealous". Fans of Brazilian singer Luan Santana are tweeting about his popularity as a response to detractors.

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felipe nardoni

Felipe Nardoni was chosen as one of the "eyecandies" of Brazilian teen magazine Capricho. There was a rumor that he had attempted suicide but he says on Twitter it was a misunderstanding and untrue.

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eclipse lunar

Lunar Eclipse will be seen over the Pacific Southwest tomorrow.

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dona delma

Jose Serra for president! Vote 45.

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uma f pr-matura de restart que morreu de hiv sem conhecer a banda, do mesmo jeoto que milhares de pessoas que morrem sem conhecer seus idolos..

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vanusa ataca

"Vanusa strikes again" a link for a youtube video where a 60's brazilian singer forgot the lyrics of a song. Again. The first time was in the Deputy Chamber, while singing the national anthem.

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