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Lufthansa cargo plane crashes at Riyadh airport: Source: wn.com --- Tuesday, July 27, 2010Riyadh: A cargo plane http://url4.eu/6SNtv.

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Jailbreaking the iPhone and iPod Touch has been officially declared legal. All aboard the jailbreak train!

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It is a weather forecast abbreviation for "Clear".

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Greenpeace's video on BP spill.

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Hampton University, the most prestigious HBCU alum and current students share their experiences on why their school is better than yours.

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Aug 6, 1945: The first atomic bomb used in warfare was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. Army of indonesia send a nuklir at there.

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(INTC) agreed to buy the wireless unit of Germany's Infineon Technologies AG (IFX.XE) for $1.4 billion, or EUR1.1 billion in cash,.

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A Qantas A380 with more than 450 people on board made a dramatic forced landing in Singapore Thursday, trailing smoke from a blackened engine.

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DE: Die Leiche des am 3.10.10 verschwundenen Mirco aus Grefath wurde gefunden. EN: The corpse of Mirco, who disappeared on 3/10/11 in Grefath is found.

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Explosives found near German Chancellor's Office.

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