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luiza brunet

Luza Botelho Brunet is a Brazilian former model for many international clothing brands.

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fernanda abreu

Fernanda is a annoying woman that is doing the broadcast of the Brazillian Carnival.

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The good witch from Wicked.

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nelson cavaquinho

Nelson Cavaquinho, stage name of Nelson Antonio da Silva, was an important Brazilian musician of Brazil who was honored at this year's carnival.

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sabrina sato

Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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It's a famous Samba school in Rio de Janeiro, that's parading now in Rio's carnival.

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Parceira da Rede Globo e "agradaram $$" os Jurados!!

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ellen roche

Ellen Rocche is a Brazilian model and actress.

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rede cegonha

Aa cpia do governo federal do projeto Me Paulistana, criado pelo candidato derrotado Jos Serra.

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eike batista

Eike Batista Fuhrken is a Brazilian tycoon and entrepreneur who works in several areas, especially in the sectors of mining and petroleum.

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