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Trending Topics related to magic girl

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magic girl

3 guys from shinee, beast and ze:a will be doing a parody of Magic Girl by Orange Caramel on music bank today.

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Kwanghee is a member of Korean Boy Band named ZE:A.

Similar Topics: magic girl, seulong, #shinee, more topics...


SHINee is a popular Korean contemporary boy group. People are tweeting about their performance on show "Music Bank".

Similar Topics: #shineeworldconcert, #happyflaminhoday, lee jinki, more topics...


SHINee,a famous boyband from korea had performed their new single "Hello" at Music Bank.

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special stage

a korean music show sometimes have a special stage like colaborattion of some singers or group.

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yong junhyung

Yoo Junhyung @Joker891219 is the Kpop boyband B2ST aka BEAST's rapper. Their fans B2UTIES are trending #PIKAJUN because today is his birthday and he is way too awesome!

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A korean boyband member,named 2AM who had his duet with IU on today's music bank. He's trending because during the song, he put up a cute act where as he's trying to hug IU but got pushed away instead. In the end both hold hands and he got embarrassed and can't stop smiling.

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Beast are the winners of Music Core, a South Korean music television programme aired on SBS. They won with their song Beautiful.

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BEAST's latest duet-unit, Kikwang & Hyunseung, released the MV teaser of their duet song "Let It Snow".

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SHINee's Minho is celebrating his 19th birthday today and Flames (his fans) are celebrating it.

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