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Maite Peroni is a Mexican actress who used to play Lupita in the Mexican show RBD.

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Los Fans De todo el mundo le expresan su cario y orgullo de @anahi.

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Christopher Uckermann (@christopheruck) is celebrating his birthday today in Miami, Florida.

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A sexy Mexican hotty's 27th birthday. www.ptfao.com.

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World release of @Anahi new music video "Me Hipnotizas" on MTV, June 1st (Eng) Estreno mundial del nuevo video de @Anahi en MTV, 1ro de Junio (Esp).

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International superstar Anahi is celebrating and her fans are wishing her a Happy Birthday!

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The latin singer Anahi is going to Brazil and her fans are saying "ela est chegando" which means "she is arriving."

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Dia mundial Rafael(correa) Buen dictador.

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The arrival of Mexican singer Anah in Brazil is causing huge excitement among her fans. She will deliver various concerts in the country and also record her first solo DVD.

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es una tarada.

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