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Malaysians are citizens of Malaysia.

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hate malaysia

The world are disappointed because of the way Malaysians supported their national team at the AFF.

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Negara pengeluar tempe utama di dunia.

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cinta indonesia

In English it means 'I LOVE INDONESIA'. The Indonesian people are enthusiastically supporting their national football team which is currently against football team from Laos in the event #AFF 2010.

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gausah follback

Indonesian for "No Need to Reciprocate the Follow", started by @unikzot who says she'll follow anyone who RT her and that she won't even ask them to follow back.

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This week, Indonesia got hit by Earthquakes and Tsunami at Mentawai, West Sumatera; Flood in Wasior, Papua, and Mt. Merapi Eruption at Yogyakarta.

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kangen mantan

Kangen mantan equals to Miss my Ex in Bahasa...People are talking about their beautiful moment with their ex girl/boy.

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4l4y or ALAY (Animashaun child) that children are always excessive in all things, so it looks a bit strange. They always write "H4y CEmU4ts OrG foLlOW => @ujiannasional UTk MemB4ntU 4nD4 BeLAj4R."

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use laser

Malaysian supporters used laser-like lights to distract Indonesian players in the first leg of AFF Final, Bukit Djalil Stadium. A huge firecracker was also thrown on the field. The match had to be suspended for a couple minutes.

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khairul fahmi

Khairul Fahmi is the Malaysian goalkeeper for the final football match of the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. #MalaysiaBoleh #HarimauMalaya.

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