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malcolm mclaren

Today is the funeral of Malcolm McLaren, the manager of the Sex Pistols.

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sex pistols

Former Sex Pistols manager Malcom McLaren dies at 64

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rip malcolm mclaren

English performer, impresario, self-publicist and most famously, former manager of the Sex Pistols and the New York Dolls Malcolm McLaren died at age 64.

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alex chilton

Alex Chilton, the pop hitmaker, cult icon and Memphis rock iconoclast best known as a member of 1960s pop-soul act the Box Tops and the 1970s power-pop act Big Star, died Wednesday at a hospital in New Orleans.

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Gregory Isaacs, reggae music great, died on Monday, Oct 25.

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solomon burke

Famous soul singer Solomon Burke died Sunday while landing on Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam.

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mark linkous

He comitted suicide yesterday (Sat 6th March). Rest In Peace

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dennis hopper

Actor Dennis Hopper recently passed away, people are expressing their condolences and thoughts on the matter. RIP.

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influential musician Captain Beefheart passed away today, saddening many.

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Singer Ari Up of the band The Slits died.

Similar Topics: beefheart, trish keenan, rip ari, more topics...

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