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maldito chavez

Because our president did a stupid thing.

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Es la nueva red social de Venezuela.

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People are tweeting the most common&funny venezuelan nicknames.

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Los habitantes de Venezuela dicen las cosas que los identifican como venezolanos.

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ES: Protesta Virtual en Venezuela, en contra de la Ley Habilitante y la Ley de Telecomunicaciones. EN: Virtual protest in Venezuela against the Enabling Law and the Telecommunications Act.

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@shakira wrote "Venuezuela" instead of "Venezuela" when she arrived at the country to a concert in Caracas.

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Venezuelans have 7h waiting for congressional election's results. System is state of the art technology. Information black out from CNE. Why?.

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Chiqui: Chiquinquira Delgado Animadora Venezolana ahorita presente en el Miss Veneuela. Haciendo un trio detras del escenario con Boris y Viviana.

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This originated in Venezuela, it's first day of the year when people tend go to the beach. The literal meaning would be "On the beach never fails" or, in other words, tweet what you'll always find at the beach.

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