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Paulie Malignaggi defeated by Amir Khan in TKO in 11th round at MSG.

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paul kearns is a cutie((.

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Stop mentioning Beaver's name in TTs. She was blocked for a reason.

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Hit 3 homeruns in tonight's game, including the game-winner in the 10th inning, beating the Rockies.

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Who cares!...we need better trending topics!

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belmont stakes

YouTube dot Com slash MichaelWarbux.

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Won the Belmont! 14 to 1 odds. Trained by @plushgun.

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los suns

Spanish for NBA team the suns. This is trending cause they are playing game 2 in there playoff battle vs the Spurs.

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dominique jones

Dallas Mavericks take Jones in NBA draft.

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Will be the 2 teams in the NBA Finals.

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