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many friend request

all of Kim Hee Chul's doings.

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steamed bun

Kim Hee Chul from the Korean band Super Junior just tweeted a picture of a steamed bun (Jjin bbang), which is also his Facebook's profile picture.

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many friend requests

Many Friend Requests is trending because Super Junior member Kim Hee Chul created a Facebook account and many fans are adding him.

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SNSD is DAEBAK! Daebak means jackpot in Korean language.

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Heebum is Kim Hee Chul's pet cat. If Kim Hee Chul was on TT for days, Heebum must be also.

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kim hee chul

Kim Hee Chul is part of a Korean band named Super Junior. He was tweeted pictures which he drew by himself. The pictures shows himself, Sulli and Sangchu. Fans are tweeting about it.

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kry japan

Super Junior KRY, a sub-group from the popular Korean boy group Super Junior, which are having a concert in Japan on November 1 & 2.

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lady hee

the legend that is Kim Heechul went all Gaga in Super Show 3 :D.

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Korean Boy group, Super Junior, celebrating their 5th years anniversary after their debut at 6 November 2005. The fans called ELF are celebrating this.

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kim heechul

Because.. uhmmm.. for no reason at all! haha. IT'S THE POWER OF ELFs! Haha.

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