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marcelo adnet

Bc he's soccer player. Duh.

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furo mtv

Furo MTV is a weekdaily fake newscast on MTV Brazil, kind of the Brazilian answer to "The Daily Show."

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patricia pillar

She is a Brazilian actress. Her main role was Flora.

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pica pau

Pica Pau (Woody Woodpecker) personagem criado por Walter Lantz em 1940. Seus antigos desenhos clssicos esto entre os mais lembrados por pessoas de todas as idades.

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a bonder that is super.

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Rihanna's fans want the world to know they love her.

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wanessa camargo

She doesn't know what's ridicoulous anymore.

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gil brother

Gil Brother is a awful brazilian humorist, who tell for everyone bad jokes. He appears on MTV comedian show.

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brokeback mountain

Brokeback Mountain has been aired in Brazil, so they are tweeting about it. That's why you see lots of tweets in portuguese in this TT.

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alexandre frota

porn actor from Brazil.

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