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mariana ximenes

Mariana Ximenes acerta para viver Joelma, do Calypso, nas telonas. http://bit.ly/ynlivm.

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daniel boaventura

Diogo (Daniel Bonaventure), which is actually a police officer, assumed his true identity to Toto (Tony Ramos).

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paola bracho

Evil villain from the soap opera named "la usurpadora", made by Venezuelan Gabriela Spanic.

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patricia pillar

She is a Brazilian actress. Her main role was Flora.

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fernanda vasconcellos

Fernanda Vasconcellos aparece sem umbigo em um comercial da TV.

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Ariadna says the singer Anah.

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Singer/Actress @Anahi released her new music video Me Hipnotizas today!.

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fernanda montenegro

fernando torres's real name because hes a long haired puff and bieber in a lesbian both massuve dick heads.

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Maumau (@MaumauOJr) um cara bem legal pena que no pode ver mulher!

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The world's biggest music festival just confirmed Elthon John, Katy Perry and Rihanna for it's first day (09/23). Brazil returns to host the festival this year.

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