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Marinha means "Navy" in portuguese. In Brazil, the Marine Corps belong to the Navy, and it will help the State Government of Rio de Janeiro on it's fight against drug dealers, providing logistical support to the Vila Cruzeiro operation.

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vila cruzeiro

Vila Cruzeiro is a Brazilian slum dangerously located near other slums.

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Bope invade quartel tomado por bombeiros no Rio de Janeiro. http://bit.ly/iZGz8I.

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It has been under a number of criminal attacks since Nov, 22, 2010. #ORiodeJaneirocontinualindo.

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Love Indonesia ^^.

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Penha is a north neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. People are talking about the recent wave of criminal activities that happened there.

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Carro muito usado antigamente como camburo pela polcia.

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Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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A rede Globo em sua saga para dominar o mundo criou um super reprter, uma mistura do RoboCop com o @realwbonner e assim batizaram-no de GloboCop "o super reprter".

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campus party

The Campus Party Brazil is the leading technology event held annually in Brazil with different themes related to the Internet, technology and digital culture.

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