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mark gonzalez

Chilean left wing football (soccer) player.

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enrique vera

He is a Paraguayan player in the Worl Cup that scored the first Goal against Slovakias. PAR 1-0 SVK.

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milan jovanovic

The Serbian scored vs Germany late in the 1st half.

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jermain defoe

England footballer Jermain Defoe's father has died, causing Defoe to temporarily return home from Euro 2012.

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gelson fernandes

Swiss soccer player that gave Swiss the victory from the goal he made. Making the final score 0-1.

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Danish football player.

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cuauhtemoc blanco

He scored a penalti in the Mexico - France game. Mexico kicked France's ass!!

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carlos tevez

Player for the Argentina national soccer team that scored an offside goal.|| offside is the key word.

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robert koren

Scored the goal in Slovenia's 1-0 win against Algeria.

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chile ctm

Fans are enthusiastically rooting for Chile with abbreviated obscenities.

Similar Topics: #fraseschilenas, mineros, viva chile ctm, more topics...

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