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marriage ban

Judge Vaughn Walker rules California's Prop 8 (banning same sex marriage) unconstitutional on Equal Protection & Due Process grounds.

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judge overturns

A federal judge in California ruled Proposition 8 unconstitutional, thereby allowing same sex marriage in California.

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marriage ban overturned

Judge Vaughn Walker rules California's Prop 8 (banning same sex marriage) unconstitutional on Equal Protection & Due Process grounds.

Similar Topics: marriage ban, overturned, judge overturns, more topics...


Judge Vaughn Walker today ruled against Prop 8 as being unconstitutional under Due Process and the Equal Rights Amendment.

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Rep. Charles Rangel (D-New York) said he will not resign as he faces charges on ethics violations.

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supreme court

June 29 - U.S. Supreme Court overturned a ruling against white firefighters who claimed they experienced reverse racism. The ruling is significant because it marks yet another ruling the S.C. overturned in which Obama's Supreme Court nominee, Sotomayor, was in the majority on the appeals court. ** June 29 - Honduras's Supreme Court rules against the president's attempt to change the constitution by referendum.

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immigration law

Judge blocks Arizona immigration law: With scant hours to go before a controversial Arizona immigration law goes http://url4.eu/6WJhV.

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ted stevens

Local Anchorage news stations are reporting Ted Stevens was killed in a plane crash.

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plane crash

An Airblue flight from Karachi crashed in the Margalla Hills to the north of Islamabad on 28th July 2010. Over 150 passengers were on board.

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combat troops

American Combat Troops are leaving Iraq.

Similar Topics: leaving iraq, sherrod, cheney, more topics...

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