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marry the night single cover

Lady Gaga announced she finished her new music video, Marry the Night. Fans want very much to see the single cover.

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To commemorate Lady Gaga's final show.

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Lady Gaga is revealing information about her next single Judas tonight in her interview with Google. Little monsters are very excited for the new song coming on her new cd Born this Way in May.

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Born This Way is the forthcoming second studio album by Lady Gaga. The album is scheduled for release tomorrow, on May 23rd. Get it tomorrow!

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Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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@ladygaga fans "little monsters" are showing their love for her and there's only 1 month for the release of her new album "Born This Way".

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Jamey is a 14 year old boy who committed suicide after being the victim of homophobic bullying. @ladygaga is lobbying for anti-bullying rules.

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@Ladygaga released her new promotional single 'Hair' for the album Born This Way.

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latey gaga

@ladygaga is notorious for scheduling items to be released to the internet at a certain time and then being late posting them, most recently with Transmission Gagavision webisodes. Hence the nickname "Latey" Gaga.

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gaga & little peanuts

Little Peanuts is a nickname that Gaga gave one of her Little Monsters. Little Monsters showing their support for Mother Monster! 'Cause we all were born this way.

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