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matou saulo

Saulo is a character in a brazilian soap opera. He was murdered, but there are many suspects. Who did kill Saulo?.

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shrek terceiro

"Shrek Terceiro" aka "Shrek the Third" (original title) for this USA blockbuster. It is scheduled to be airing on TV Globo tonight (Oct.11/2010).

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monique evans

Monique Evans is a Brazilian former model very famous in the '80s. She is participating on the Reallity Show "A Fazenda" (The Farm).

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lei maria

Monique Evans mistook Lei Maria da Penha (Law that prohibits violence against women) with Lei Maria da Graa.

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"Tremor" can be a way to define a earthquake in Portuguese. People are talking about the two earthquake that happened today in Brazil and yesterday in Indonesia.

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Miley Cyrus has recorded a video singing "A festa no Brasil" instead of her song "a party in the USA."(Recorded by @jessiejofficial ) They're really happy about that, they think it means she will go there on a tour or something.

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koba rebelde

This means that the KOBA's a rebel!

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Charlie's Angels in brazilian portuguese. The movie starring Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz and Demi Moore is on now on brazilian TV.

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Brazilian "Teacher's Day" was yesterday (Oct. 15th) but many people thinkss it's today.

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xurupitas farm

Satire of a brazilian TV show called "a Fazenda" (the farm).

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