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mbc gayo daejun

MBC Gayo Daejun is one of the three of Korea's end-of-year music programmes held by MBC broadcasting station. It features many special performances by Korean's bands like Super Junior, SHINee, SNSD, 2PM, 2AM, Kara, T-ara, Sistar, CNBlue, MBLAQ, Beast, and many more. It is a large-scale programme that is not to be missed.

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kbs gayo

KBS Gayo Daejun is the annual year-end show by the Korean KBS channel. Various Korean stars will be attending and performing.

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music core

Korean music show by broadcasting company MBC.

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gayo daejun

Gayo Daejun is like an end of year song festival held by the 3 main broadcasting stations in South Korea, SBS, KBS and MBC. This year SBS's Gayo Daejun is being held today, the 29th of December, KBS on the 30th and MBC on the 31st. Gayo Daejun is trending today as SBS's Gayo Daejun will start at 21:55 KST and end at around 23:55 KST. Many famous artists (known as idols) will be performing their own songs and special stages too. Many K-Pop fans are tweeting about this. Anyone can watch a live streaming of it on http://www.kpopflash.net.

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music bank

Music Bank is a music show broadcasted by KBS every friday in South Korea. It is trending now because KARA won today.

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Bonsang means "award" in English.

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disk awards

Golden Disk Award will air at 7KST! Kpopers waiting for it!

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A popular TV show in South Korea airing every Sunday.

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It was recently announced that actress Hwang Jung Eum and 2AMs leader Jo Kwon will be joining CNBLUEs Jung Yonghwa as MCs for the upcoming Korean pop special, 2010 SBS Gayo Daejun on December 29th,

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melon music

EN: Melon Music Awards 2010 was held (today) on December 15th, 7:00PM Kyung Hee University. -ES: Meln Music Awards 2010 se celebr el 15 de diciembre la Universidad de Kyung Hee.

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