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Member of Hip-Hop group Cali Swagg District has been shot dead tweeps are tweeting about his murder.

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cali swag district

California swag district is a hip hop group who performed on the bet awards red carpet.

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blind fury

a blind homeless man tripped over some mcdonalds trash and he became furious and went on a killing spree.

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Talking about women of loose virtues who live in your neighborhood.

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Users are tweeting their reasons that suggest #YouNotFromLA if ________.

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People are sending messages meant to their ex-spouses.

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Raz B (@razb2k) tweeted several times to @Rihanna, proclaiming his love for her, then called out Eric Benet and Chris Brown (@chrisbrown) for disrespecting Halle Berry and Rihanna. Chris Brown retaliated with some tweets of his expressing his opinions.

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People are twitting about what qualities define a good woman.

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The LA Lakers played tonight and lost to the San Antonio Spurs.

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cory gunz

EN: Lil Wayne ft Cory Gunz 67 (NEW MUSIC) - PT:Lil Wayne Cory Gunz ft "6'7" (MSICA NOVA)

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