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Intel acquires McAfee for $7.68 billion.

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Oracle has sued Google over the virtual machine that runs applications in Android.

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HP buys cyber security firm ArcSight for US $1.5 billion.

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magic trackpad

Apple released the Magic Trackpad, a touchpad input device for desktops that supports all the multi-touch gestures that you can use on the MacBooks.

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Amazon has launched its third Kindle: smaller, faster, lighter, less expensive.

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Today Steve Jobs declared Adobe Flash dead.

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facebook places

A new location-based feature on Facebook. Released yesterday and there's an update for his iPhone app to support check ins.

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The home of Gizmodo editor Jason Chen has been searched by police and computer equipment - possibly unlawfully - confiscated, in connection with the iPhone4G prototype Gizmodo revealed.

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nintendo 3ds

Nintendo Japan had unveiled Nintendo 3DS's release schedule and pricing in Japan (as of now 25000 yen, roughly equals to 300 dollars).

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galaxy tab

Meet the new Samsung Galaxy Tablet PC. (Android).

Similar Topics: samsung galaxy tab, google instant, adobe air, more topics...

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