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Michael McIntyre is a British Comic who's doing a show right now.

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blind side

The ground-breaking 2009 film starring Sandra Bullock, is currently airing on Home Box Office (HBO).

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This is the QB for Florida who is playing like a High School QB against Alabama.

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Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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clock management

Manageing a Clock -.- duhhh.

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He is a chilean football player, his team Colo Colo beats La Serena with one Goal of him.

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Van de Vorst ziet sterren is a dutch tv show about stars. How they are in real life.

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Jokertje is one of the most populars character in the Dutch reality tv show "Oh Oh Cherso."

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Matias Defederico, soccer player for the Brazilian team Corinthians.

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UGA fans are bashing and defending Mark Richt, the head coach for the Georgia Bulldogs football team, for losing tonight to the Mississippi State Bulldogs. Some are calling for his resignation, to hire new coaches, or defending his record.

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