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DIET "guru", fibber & notoriously fake doctor Gillian McKeith is a contestant on ITV's 'Im a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here' famous for TV show 'You are what you eat' (AKA the woman who looks at your poop).

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The new season of the UK's 'The Apprentice' has begun tonight on BBC1. Their task is to make and sell sausages.

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The winner of Big Brother 11 in the UK walked out of Ultimate Big Brother today.().

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richard keys

After the whole sexism debacle, he's currently going mental on Talksport.

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The Nation Television Awards are currently on ITV1 in the UK and Northern Ireland

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Nigel Havers has dramatically quit the UK TV series "I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!", just hours after complaining to producers about treatment of contestants.

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The British Academy Television Awards are taking place to celebrate the very best in TV.

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Corrie is celebrating its 50th year running by hosting a live episode on ITV1 (Scottish Channel STV).

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diva fever

Is actually spelled Diva Feva! (No its not, it is Diva Fever).

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Ed Miliband has been appointed as the new leader of the Labour party in the UK.

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