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Hyun Woo and Kim Min Ji are the new Music Bank's MCs! ^^.

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SM Entertainment first Ballad group ' S.M The Ballad ' made a debut on Music Bank today. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24Ovr_ZMrNg

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supreme team

Supreme Team is a South Korean hip hop group. They had just won an award at Golden Disk Awards 2010.

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Nagging is a song by Korean artists IU and 2AM's SeulOng. The song will be featuring on today's KBS Music Bank special show.

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A korean boyband member,named 2AM who had his duet with IU on today's music bank. He's trending because during the song, he put up a cute act where as he's trying to hug IU but got pushed away instead. In the end both hold hands and he got embarrassed and can't stop smiling.

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birthday kevin

today is the 23rd birthday of the wonderful PaulnKevin Jonas the 2nd.

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Its Kwon Yuri's birthday!!! Kwon Yuri is a member of SNSD, a South Korean girl group.

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Kwanghee is a member of Korean Boy Band named ZE:A.

Similar Topics: magic girl, seulong, #shinee, more topics...

special stage

a korean music show sometimes have a special stage like colaborattion of some singers or group.

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Its The 12th annual Korea - China Song Festival.

Similar Topics: inkigayo, nehwal, king wang, more topics...

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