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Swifties, Taylor Swift fans, are very eagerly awaiting the release of the epic "Mean" music video, today at 10 PM ET on CMT.

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taylor won

taylor is amazing and she won EOTY in the ACMs and her fans love her

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Taylor Swift's fans are wishing her well at the Academy of Country Music awards.

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Taylor Swift is giving a tornado relief benefit performance in Nashville, TN. She will be broadcasting two songs. Swifties (Taylor fans) are tweeting their excitement.

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Swifties are trending this because Taylor Swift is the most sweet, amazing and beautiful person ever and a huge inspiration to many fans worldwide.

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taylor & swifties

Swifties are Taylor Swift Fans celebrating how awesome their relationship is.

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taylor swift

She won a few grammys out of pity! But yet she looked so suprised when she one them. Oh and she forgot to thank Kanye for it all.

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Refers to The Story of Us music video, by Taylor Swift.

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alison swift

Taylor Alison Swift, country music pop star, turns 21 today, December 13. Fans are wishing her a Happy Birthday, tweeting her full name hence Alison Swift [last two thirds of her full name].

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Taylor Swift fans want to see their idol on the famous show "Glee".

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