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A part of 'medals tally', trending for the same reason 'gold medal' is trending after Commonwealth Games closed yesterday.

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gold medal

Commonwealth Games at Delhi closed yesterday with Saina Nehwal winning India's final Gold Medal in badminton.

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Is a sport played by many countries including England and Australia. Trending as it is one of the sports played in the Commonwealth Games, which took place in Delhi, India this year (2010).

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silver ferns

New Zealanders are tweeting about their national netball team, the Silver Ferns, who have just won the gold medal at the Commonwealth Games.

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Paul O'Grady launched his revamped entertainment show, live in the UK tonight, on ITV.

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Hakim Warrick just played a game against the Utah Jazz.

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A report has come out stating that 192 public UK 'quango' agencies are to be axed, with a further 118 being merged.

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A hot X Factor contestant in UK.

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manchester police

#gmp Greater Manchester Police were tweeting selected local and 999 calls to raise awareness.

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news conference

US President Obama is held a news conference at the White House on 9/10, 11 am ET. NPR.org is streaming audio.

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