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merseyside derby

Liverpool has lost in the derby match against Everton on Super Sunday. Everton's player, Arteta and Cahill was write their name on the scoresheet. Liverpludian was sad with the result.

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The Home Run Derby was today. Cool.

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Cagliari are a football team in the Italian Serie A. During their match against Internatzionale over the weekend, play was suspended until racist chants from the crowd stopped.

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liverpool wants justin bieber!

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Willem is trending because the Dutch football club Willem II was playing PSV Eindhoven yesterday!

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Market research company Quester and digital developer Omnigon are releasing a new service called FeedbackFX with Socrates,.

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Justin Bieber should NEVER come here.

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Rumingkang out please from IMB! ~ UDAH OUT KALEEEE BASI LO.

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Howard Webb was the referee during the World Cup Final 2010. The Dutch are angry at him, because he didn't give a corner just before scored the goal.

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It means 'SS501' - A famous boy group from South Korea, consist of Kim Hyun Joong, @mystyle1103 @2kjdream @JungMin0403 and @HyungJun87 and 'Snow Prince' is one of their hit songs. 'Triple S', the fans, are twitting about them.

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