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Michelly is a Big Brother Brazil housemate. (The correct name is Michelly with 2 l's, please, use the correct tag).

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Maumau (@MaumauOJr) um cara bem legal pena que no pode ver mulher!

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channing frye

Channing Frye plays for the NBA team Phoenix Suns.

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Wout Brama is a midfielder for FC Twente.

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Brazilian Evil Queen. Popular and award-winning telenovela A Favorita's main villain.

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Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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#Peer ist neuer Dschungelknig und somit Gewinner von #Ibes.

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alan lee

Arsenal FC Vs. Huddersfield Town: Alan Lee Equalises For Minnow.

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Participante do Big Brother Brasil, que est no paredo e, ao que tudo indica, ser eliminado.

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jabulani is the nickname of a chubby female contestant of big brother brazil that couldn't hold on a giant soft drink bottle during the leader competition and fell a lot.

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