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mick ice jagger

Every team he supports in the World Cup ends up loosing. Mick Jagger + Iceberg (Titanic + Leonardo DiCaprio).

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People think Mick Jagger's mere presence at a World Cup game is a bad omen.

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pasha argentina tas nervioso

Argentina lost 4-0 against Germany, and Brazilians laugh at them.

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pasha argentina tas

Brazilians mocking Argentina.

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Alemanha is Germany in Portuguese. They won 3rd place in the 2010 World Cup in their last match against Uruguay (3-2).

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felipe melo fdp

Felipe Melo being guilty for the elimination of Brazil.

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mick jagger fdp

Brazilians are complaining that Mick Jagger is bad luck for witnessing the US, England, and Brazil lose.

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leonardo dicaprio

He's in south africa watching the world cup game Argentina-Germany.

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luciana gimenez

Luciana gimenezih looo...

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