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microsoft kin

Microsoft's pair of messaging phones released on Verizon in the US have been discontinued after barely a month due to poor sales.

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It's not the album of John Mayer, but it's the new android phone from Samsung.

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data plans

AT&T has announced changes to the data plans they offer, including the discontinuation of the unlimited 3G plan for iPad users.

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battery charger

Today, Apple released a new battery charger for their products, and people are tweeting about it.

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(INTC) agreed to buy the wireless unit of Germany's Infineon Technologies AG (IFX.XE) for $1.4 billion, or EUR1.1 billion in cash,.

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playbook tablet

Just release pics and information about PlayBook... Its like an iPad but from Blackberry (RIM).

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magic trackpad

Apple released the Magic Trackpad, a touchpad input device for desktops that supports all the multi-touch gestures that you can use on the MacBooks.

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galaxy tab

Meet the new Samsung Galaxy Tablet PC. (Android).

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google instant

Google has brought its fast Google Instant search to mobile devices with support for the iPhone and Android, the company announced today.

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Jailbreaking the iPhone and iPod Touch has been officially declared legal. All aboard the jailbreak train!

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