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miley won

Miley Cyrus won the Nickelodeon's Kid's Choice Awards award for Favorite Actress.

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Smilers (Miley Cyrus fans) are showing their support for @MileyCyrus on Twitter and tweeting why they love her.

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miley cyrus is currently hosting snl.

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favorite movie actress

The only KCA award with a winner that actually made logical sense.

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the anniversary of the premiere of Hannah Montana, Miley's life changed.

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Smilers united together to trend 1MillionSmilers for the pop sensation & also want her to reach 1 million followers. FollowMiley

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Fans are thanking Miley for all her actions. ThankYouMiley for being strong, a great singer, actress, role model and for being you.

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Because Miley Cyrus is AMAZING! and all her Smilers are so proud of everything she is doing

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always say always

Miley Cyrus was on Saturday Night Live as Justin Bieber on the Miley Cyrus Show, and she did her own version of "never say never" which was "always say always."

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