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mona lisa

MBLAQ Kpop Boyband comeback, the attractive music video and choreography is attached in awesome song titled Mona Lisa.

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The New York Jets strength coach Sal Alosi stuck out his knee and tripped Nolan Carroll of the Miami Dolphins while Carroll ran down the sideline to make a play on Sunday.

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Seongnam Ilhwa is playing Inter Milan in the semifinal of the FIFA Club World Cup. Inter leads 3-0 at half time.

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christmas island

The end of the world was supposed to begin with a massive earthquake here at 6:00 PM. It is currently 7:14 PM here, and the supposed earthquake has not happened.

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golden globe

The 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards NOMINATIONS PRESS RELEASE.(14/DEZ).

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Convicted killers of Vizconde family acquitted by Philippine Supreme Court after 15 years in jail.

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bin laden

Bin Laden is taking over the world!

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Steele High School is advancing on to the State Championship for Texas high school football.

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hubert webb

The Supreme Court acquitted Hubert Webb and eight others for the murders of Estrellita Vizconde.

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Esos pinches egipcios la hacen de a pedo Por 125 muertos y nosotros mexicanos llevamos 30 mil y seguimos viendo tv. [Si pero ellos son mas inteligentes y pretenden liberarse en vez de conformarse con ver TV]. (Inteligente es desmadrar todo el pais solo para que se haga lo que los revoltosos quieren? pues que inteligencia...){Mejor ser eso a ser agachones}.

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