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Monsters are tweeting this after Lovatics thanked them for there love and support to actress/singer Demi Lovato.

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Lovatics are showing their love to Little Monsters because they trended MonstersLoveDemi two days ago.

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gaga & little peanuts

Little Peanuts is a nickname that Gaga gave one of her Little Monsters. Little Monsters showing their support for Mother Monster! 'Cause we all were born this way.

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Lovatics are very excited for Demi Lovato's (@ddlovato) new single coming soon.

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Demi Lovato's new album 'Unbroken' is out SEPTEMBER 20TH.

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Born This Way is the forthcoming second studio album by Lady Gaga. The album is scheduled for release tomorrow, on May 23rd. Get it tomorrow!

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Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) has almost 3,000,000 followers on Twitter.

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she's the best gift He gave to Lovatics.

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Monsters want Lady Gaga & Beyonce to work together again! Video Phone & Telephone are AMAZING Collaborations! Godga&Beysus4Eva - @gagaslaugh.

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Monsters (Gaga's fans) showing love to Demi because Demi is a monster.

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