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Jason Mraz is a is doing a show on Fortaleza, Brasil.

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Vomitou em parque de diverses, hoje est no Proograma Pnico na TV.(12/12).She vomited in the amusement park, is now in Panico TV Program. (12/12).

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Luizianne Lins is a Brazilian journalist, politician and current mayor of Fortaleza/Ceara. She has been on TTs because she was pictured on tv by side of Mrs. Dilma Rousseff during her first speech adressing Brazilian voters tonight (Oct. 31st/2010).

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Santa Lcia de Siracusa ( 283 - 304).Santa dos Olhos. Sua festa celebrada em 13 de Dezembro (13/13).St. Lucia of Syracuse ( 283 - 304). Santa Eye. His feast is celebrated on December 13 (13/13).

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dudu azevedo

Ator Dudu Azevedo fala sobre sexo oral. .

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direitos humanos

Direitos Humanos (human rights) is one of the issues on tonight's presidencial debate in Brazil - promoted by TV Record.

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Coreias is Koreas in Portuguese. Brazilian Twitter users are discussing today's military skirmish between North Korea & South Korea.

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