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nigel farage

Nigel Farage is former leader of the UK Independence Party. He has been injured in a plane crash in Northamptonshire.

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lib dems

The Liberal Democrats have surged in popularity after Nick Clegg's appearance on the Leaders' Debates, and people are discussing the party.

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Leaders of the UK's three main political parties, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, and Nick Clegg, met for the third and final time before the May 6 election on Thursday, 29 April.

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gillian duffy

Mr Brown was apparently describing Gillian Duffy, 65, who demanded that the Prime Minister say sorry after she learned of the comments.

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Cameron from All Star weekend is now dating Selena gomez.

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prime minister

David Cameron, leader of the Conservative party, has just become the UK's new Prime Minister after visiting the Queen and accepting her offer to form a government. Cameron has confirmed the government will be a Conservative/Lib Dem "proper and full coalition".

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People are tweeting about May 6th's UK General Election results. It is official, there is a hung parliament. The Tory Party only have a minor majority over the Labour Party, but BREAKING NEWS have struck a deal with the Liberal Democrats. Britain will have a Tory/LibDem government, ruled by Cameron (Clegg, deputy PM or Chancellor).

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alan johnson

Labour's Shadow Chancellor Alan Johnson has resigned.

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nick clegg

Nick Clegg, leader of The Liberal Democrats is taking part in the third live leaders debate. The first one significantly increased his parties poll ratings.

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bigoted woman

UK Prime minister Gordon Brown was caught on a live mic describing 66 year Gillian Duffy, whom he had just spoken to, as a "bigoted woman."

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