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nikki haley

Because she called for transparency in government but is deleting internal emails.

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Martha Plimpton from Raising Hope sang God Bless America at World Series game 3.

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The Supreme Court of India has rejected the deferment plea on the Ayodhaya Verdict.

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Varanasi, one of the holy cities in India, attacked by muslim terrorists.

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Today is the season 7 premire of Grey's Anatomy in the US.

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madison bumgarner

GDI of the week.

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Ravens/ASU sack machine.

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Philadelphia Phillies' right-hander Joe Blanton.

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Because Chav's (Burberry wearers) are buying Vans, cos it's saturday.

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The Commonwealth Games are being held in New Delhi from October 3rd to the 14th. But controversy is surrounding the games due to the poor conditions of the athletes village and construction of some sporing venues in jeopardy. Several countries are considering pulling out.

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