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nine muses

A kpop girl group that just debut. haters are hating and fans are loving them.

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Fans are showing their support for the K-pop idol group SHINee.

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Korean show which so disgusting and no quality..

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ELF (Super Junior Fans) are Cheer-ing Up to Kyu Hyun (one member of SuJu).

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E.L.F. (fanclub of Korean boyband Super Junior) welcomes member, Lee Dong Hae, to Twitter. Semangat means "fight" or "keep it up!" in Indonesian language.

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eunhyuk oppa

Super Junior's Eunhyuk just joined Twitter. @AllRiseSilver.

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ryeowook oppa

Ryeowook of Super Junior is celebrating his birthday on the 21st of June.

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Eunhyuk, lead rapper of Super Junior made a surprise guest appearance during Kang Mi Yeon's 'Crazy' performance. Super Junior fans were shocked because it was thought that fellow member Donghae would be performing.

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poor donghae

Heechul, Shindong and Eunhyuk of Super Junior pull a prank on their fellow group member Donghae!

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ZEA is a korean boyband with 9 members. Their fans are tweeting about them and hope it'll go to be the #1 topic.

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