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Justin Bieber Never Let You Go music video was comes out today and his fans are excited.

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A Justin Bieber fan named April Phann passed away on March 29, 2010. Her birthday had just passed. Her only wish was to go to his concert.

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Some lady who brought horror upon us.

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Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber's manager, turned himself in this morning for an incident at The Roosevelt Field mall last November

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Singer Justin Bieber is a controversial topic. I have linked to his Wikipedia bio. He is loved and hated. Bottom line, he dominates the Twitter trends.

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bieber trend

bieber fans are mad that "justin bieber" is blocked from trending!!! D=.

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Justin Bieber is soo sexy he give teens Biebergasms

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People are talking about Justin Bieber's new music video for his single Baby

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Teen singer and Internet sensation Justin Drew Bieber is turning 16 on March 1st.

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First Letter Flip Around - started by Nick Jonas. Justin Bieber = Bustin Jieber.

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