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Means "Northeastern". In Brazil, today is the Nordestino's Day. People are tweeting about the prejudice that people from south (mainly from So Paulo) have against them.

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Brazilian comedian 'Shaolin' (Francisco Josenilton Veloso) has been involved in a serious road accident.

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Political debate between candidates for presidents of Brazil, which occurs in the TV Band. http://bandnewstv.band.com.br/conteudo.asp?ID=370791.

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cala boca capricho

shut up! we have ours rights! and we hate capricho! if you read one single page you'll understand! really!

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Bope invade quartel tomado por bombeiros no Rio de Janeiro. http://bit.ly/iZGz8I.

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October 27 is the birthday of Brazil's President Luis Inacio "Lula" da Silva. After eight years as president and 83% approval in his government, Lula celebrates 65 years old. The tag was created by Dilma Rousseff, who runs for president of Brazil for Lula's party (Worker's Party), to congratulate the President Lula.

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tiririca morreu

People tweeting the supposed death of Brazilian humorist Tiririca, famous for his song "Florentina de Jesus". He is currently running for a congressional seat in the upcoming tomorrow (03/10/2010) elections. It's a virus sent trough email that steal orkut data.

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"Tremor" can be a way to define a earthquake in Portuguese. People are talking about the two earthquake that happened today in Brazil and yesterday in Indonesia.

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A blackout hit at least eight states of in Northeast Brazil in the early hours of Friday, Feb. 4th.

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It's like SAT in Brazil.

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