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north queensland

Australia declares red alert for arrival of Cyclone Yasi.

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The people of the Australian State of Queensland, known as 'Queenslanders', are banding together and supporting one another as the state braces for a Category 5 Servere Tropical Cyclone that is over 500km wide (named 'Yasi'). People across the world are tweeting their suppprt.

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Queensland is a state in Australia. It is trending because of the devastating floods that have ravaged the state. The Brisbane River, which runs though Brisbane (capital city) and its outer suburbs, has burst it's banks and threatens 20,000+ homes and businesses.

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There is reports of a magnitude 4 earthquake of the coast on the north eastern Australian town of Innisfail.

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Tropical Cyclone Yasi (#tcyasi) is about to hit the coast of far north Queensland (north-eastern Australia).

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cyclone yasi

Evacuations in Far North Queensland (FNQ), Australia are currently underway as Tropical Cyclone Yasi heads their way.

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Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland, a state in Australia. The city is currently experiencing massive floods.... of tears as people miss out on One Direction tickets.

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The "Logies" is an Australian Awards night that recognises special people who have contributed to Australian TV in an honorary way. People are tweeting about the winners and performances of the night (May 1, 2011).

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Qld is the shortened version of the Australian state of Queensland. On July 2, The Queensland Maroons beat the New South Wales Blues to win the third State of Origin match and take the year's championship.

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pauline hanson

Foxy red head who knows her way around a deep fryer.

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