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NSB stands for "Nationaal Socialistische Bieber", the Dutch fascist party before and during WW2. It is in the news because by accident license plates were issued that contained this letter combination.

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ProRail is responsible for the railway system in the Netherlands: construction, maintenance, management and security. Also see #lift.

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There was an accident near Dutch Biddinghuizen. One person died and nine were badly wounded. It is getting a lot of news coverage in the Netherlands.

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Large fire in a meatprocessing factory in the dutch city Weurt.

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Big fire in village in the Netherlands.

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Socialist Party MP Harry van Bommel says that the Netherlands should persevere in its diplomatic efforts to rescue Tanja Nijmeijer from the FARC.

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publieke is Dutch for public, meant by this are government paid television channels. the new dutch government wants the public channels to not be on internet anymore.

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Herman Wijffels, CDA Politician, has been on "Buitenhof", a Dutch TV Show.

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Chemie-Pack (Chem Pack) is a Dutch chemical plant in #Moerdijk where a large fire took place last week.

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Dutch gymnast Yuri van Gelder fell back into his cocaine addiction, and isn't allowed to enter the world championship anymore. The world championship starts Sat. 17 oct. in Ahoy Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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