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Numancia played a match against FC Barcelona Atletic and lost 4-6.

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75 days in Twitter's trending topics. I'll just let that sink in. 75 days! It's all about Aiden Grimshaw and his incredible talent (and a little about his body. Thanks GT!).

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hyde hyde

Hyde is the singer for the Japanese rock band L'Arc-en-Ciel as well as the singer for VAMPS.

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People are watching new Dutch sitcom 'Iedereen is gek op Jack' (based on Everybody loves Raymond).

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melody club

Contestant in the Swedish Eurovision qualifications.

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penny smith

Penny Smith is an English television presenter and newsreader.

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lasse stefanz

Contestant in the Swedish Eurovision qualifications.

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Rabobank's Sebastian Langeveld won the Omloop in a finish line shootout nipping Antonio Flecha (SKY) on the line.

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dellin betances

Dellin Betances is a minor league baseball pitcher in the New York Yankees organization.

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In Belgium,the cycle racing season starts again today.

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