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ombrinho ombrinho

The famous Brazilian soccer player Neymar danced today, after scoring, the dance "Ombrinho Ombrinho whatever" from the BR TV Show @legendarios.

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lady rodrigaga

Lady RodriGaga is the brazilian tv host (Rodrigo Faro) who was dressed like @ladygaga for his show.

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banana mecanica

Banana Mecnica is a Brazilian comedy group that used to have a show on MTV but is going out on its own after renaming themselves this week.

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Brazil Fans want teen singer Justin Bieber to come to Brazil.

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Portuguese for "little flags" referring to the flags that appear in Twitter when you tweet with a hash tag and a country's initials (ex: #bra).

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happy birthday Avril Lavigne.

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Stands for "4 words in the dark", people are tweeting four words they might say when in the dark.

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dona delma

Jose Serra for president! Vote 45.

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Brazil is waiting for Justin Bieber's FIRST ever visit.

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cala boca galvao

Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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