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On Justin Bieber's MSG concert on 8/31/10, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber sang Overboard together.

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Sydney Dalton - a girl who ripped down posters of Justin Bieber saying she is " over him ". On monday, she met him and went crazy. BIG DEAL. maybe she was TRYING to get over him but couldnt help it. waste of a topic. GET OVER IT.

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People are tweeting about Justin Bieber's hashtag #withdankanter, where Justin is urging his fans to retweet the tag to show support for his guitarist Dan Kanter (@dankanter).

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less lonely girl

A Justin Bieber song. Fans are talking about how at each one of his concerts, he sings this song to one special fan.

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justin asked his fans to wake him up from a nap.

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justin bieber cares for his fans with all his heart no matter what

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Justin Bieber is the #purpleninja and he won 3 awards tonight at the MMVA's.

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good luck justin bieber at the AMAs!(.

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csi tonight

Justin Bieber will be making a cameo appearance on CSI tonight, shown on CBS in the United States.

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It's a Dutch tv show that was broadcast tonight. On this tvshow people can show their imitations of celebrities. A lot of people just use this hashtag to tell everyone what their real name is or just to fool around.

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