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"Parmera" is a popular nickname for So Paulo-based soccer team S.E. Palmeiras (Sportive Society Palmeiras).

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Porcada is the name team that was ELIMINATED.

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Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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Coreias is Koreas in Portuguese. Brazilian Twitter users are discussing today's military skirmish between North Korea & South Korea.

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Un programa de TV Brasilea.. A Brazilian TV show..

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Rodrigo Pimentel, better known as Captain Pimentel, is retired captain of the Military Police of Rio De Janeiro. This concerns the violence occurring in Rio de Janeiro right now.

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Famous sports channel in Brazil that is currently airing UFC 123.

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fernando baiano

Fernando Baiano goal made the match,Al-Wahda Losing 2 x 1 Seongnam (11/12). Fernando Baiano fez gol na partida, Al-Wahda Perdendo de 2 x 1 do Seongnam (11/12).

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Love Indonesia ^^.

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Roberval Andrade is a driver in the Formula Truck races (Brazil).

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